Make the choice to live the life you want. Life will not choose you.

When you’re sitting on the sidelines at the end of your life asking where it went, you will thank me for this small bit of advice. The idea is not a matter of chasing after everything you want and thinking you will never reach it because it might make you “too happy.”

It’s about taking the action today and every day after you made the choice to be you.

Once you have decided your life needs a little reorientation and you have turned the boat around, there is no turning back and the only place left to go is forward into your success.

Reconnection to your values and living them each day will give you the power you need to become the person you were created to be.

The photographer, artist, cartoonist, sculptor, wood-carver, etc. The message I want you to know is that your power comes from within and has been there all along. It was merely waiting for you to Reconnect to it.

Are you ready to stand tall today and use your power? What are you waiting for? Why are you at home painting in the garage and sculpting in the backyard? No one knows you and no one can see your gifts, your talents, your values.

Stand up. Show up. Be real. Be You. 

Make the reconnection to yourself and your gifts. Start living a legacy worth leaving today.

What are you afraid of today that is holding you back from your purpose and sharing it daily with the world? 


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