The Disconnect

Here is a poem that I wrote a short while back one day as I thought back on the struggle that my father went through. I thought about all the lessons I learned from my father and the pains that he felt. I love him more than I may have told him while he was here. For that I am sorry. I love you Dad. I am not regretful. He knows now more than ever that all I do I do for him today and everyday. I hope this brings hope to you and the ones you love most.

The pills have always been a problem
The pills have caused the pain.
The pills hold all the power
The pills they will not go away until the day you say.
You will not be the one to claim my final resting hour.

My hope for you that you will choose
To rise above it all.
To be the one who will not let
Your fellow loved ones fall.

So rise above
Reach out with love
And help the one you see
Become the person that you know
They were meant to be

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