Find Forgiveness for the Father he wasn't and become the Father He Couldn't Be

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Jason Pockrandt is a fatherless expert, Transformation Coach, motivational speaker, and author. You can buy his book The Confident Father's Guidebook: Five Steps to Personal Transforamtion on Amazon. His second book Father Daughter Conversations is set to be released in the fall. He is also the founder of Live To Give where he spends most of his days coaching fatherless men to become the husbands and fathers they were created to be. He has spoken for institutions such as Power of Dad, Teen Challenge, Bay Arenac ISD, The Rock Center for Youth Development and Good Samaritan Rescue Mission. His TEDx talk will inspire and motivate fathers around the world to re-evaluate their choices and the lives they are leading. Asking them the question. Will you choose today to become the father he couldn’t be and live a legacy worth leaving in your family and community? The choice is yours and the opportunity for change is now.

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Chandra Rae is my beautiful wife who is my number one fan and my ultimate support. She is a Photographer, Entrepreneur, and Super Mother She gave birth to the most precious of angels in 2015 and we called her Lenox. Which means Elm Tree. Fitting as I see since she is the second reason I am changing my Family Tree.

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